Short stay visa (ordinary passports)

Please note that these information are only aplicable to foreign citizens residing in Serbia who need Schengen visa.

Applications for visas will be received through appointment only. To book your appointment, please call 0800 123 124 from Monday to Friday, from 7h00 to 14h00, only from a regular phone.

For all applicants : it is recommended to submit the application at least 10 to 15 working days before the intended date of travel.

1/Documents necessary for the application must be submitted in original and clear copies of the same.
Original documents will be returned to applicants.
Documents in Serbian language must be translated in French.

2/ The Embassy reserves itself the right to ask for more information and documents in addition to above.

3/ If the application is complete, Schengen visas may be issued in a minimum 10 working days -maximum 15 working days. The Embassy can keep the passport for several days.

4/ You have to apply for the visa at the French Embassy in the country where you are resident.


From January 1st 2007, the standard visa fee is 60 €, to be paid in dinars and it is not refunded if the visa is refused.
You will get a receipt that you have to present when your pick up your passport.
The visa fee amounting to 35€ concerns the following categories :
- Children 6-12 years and
- Persons covered by EU Visa Facilitation Agreements (it concerns the following foreign nationals : Albanian, Bosnian, Georgian, Macedonian, Moldavian, Russian and Ukrainian).
No charge
for foreign spouses of French nationals, children 0-6 years, foreign members of families of other Member States of EU/EEA and Switzerland.

5/ The visa application form has to be completely filled and signed in English or French and you must write legibly. The visa applicant must sign the application form himself. If the applicant is minor, the application form must be signed by a person having parental authority.
Any false statement will result in your visa being refused.

6/An incomplete application, one or more documents missing could be grounds for refusing your visa.

7/Submitting a complete application doesn’t mean that you will get automatically your visa. The application is subject to consideration by French authorities and Schengen partners.

8/Holding a visa is not a sufficient condition to enter Schengen Area. In addition to valid passport with visa, every foreigner, when entering Schengen Area, should be able to produce to the Immigration Officer statutory documentary evidence for reasons for their stay, sufficient means of subsistence, means of support and accommodation and proof of transport.

Print this document :

Application form :

PDF - 750.5 ko
(PDF - 750.5 ko)

List of required documents
Please find hereunder the list of supporting documents for a short stay Schengen visa if the purpose of your stay is


Word - 22.7 ko
(Word - 22.7 ko)

private visit

Word - 24 ko
(Word - 24 ko)


Word - 78.5 ko
(Word - 78.5 ko)

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